Need an outfit?

Traveling light? Wardrobe malfunction? Last minute meeting? Upcycling like a boss? No matter what you need, see what closet is available near you and borrow that perfect outfit.

Too many outfits?

You've got too many goodies in your closet and you don't want to feel bad for having that many pairs of shoes? Don't! Open your closet, make your style accessible and make a few bucks! Sharing is caring and caring is the new black. Trust us.

Style and Share

This is not just a business transaction, this is also a new friendship in the making. We are not here just to borrow and lend, we are here to make new friends, share our lifestyle, tips on styling and get the most out of countless outfit possibilities.

Join us!

Open your closet today! Start renting your goodies or simply sign up for a profile and you can rent from your new closest (literally, we are location-based) friends!


Cut loose from the luggage hassle of planning all those outfits and paying more for the airline to take those extra pounds in your suitcase. Cut Closet wants to help you find the perfect outfit by connecting you with endless closets from locals that are willing to share their looks and their lifestyle with you.

Sharing & Caring

We are a share-based community that wants you not only to travel light but consume less and smarter: helping your pockets and the planet by sharing your closets and style with accessible prices.

You can rent an outfit from someone near you


You can make your closet available for someone to rent from you.

No matter where you are and where you are going to, there is always someone ready to share and make your life a little bit easier.